(1) Medical Doctor Huntsville AL, Nerve Damage Caused by Fixodent Denture Cream Pt.1, Dr. Eric Beck

Medical doctor Huntsville AL, Dr. Eric Beck, speaks about nerve damage caused by Fixodent denture cream, which is known as one of the main medical products to cause nerve damage. Fixodent denture cream debilitates your body causing your nerves to appear crooked and weak. The following are body reactions caused by Fixodent products: numbness of the toes, loss of appetite, weak immune system, and nerve pain. Doctors have named nerve damage symptoms as zinc poisoning. In some cases, individuals can’t figure out the problem and tend to be confused. It is recommended for individuals who have used Fixodent products to visit a local doctor. Body pain and muscle treatments of all types can be performed at Valley Center for Nerve Studies and Rehabilitation by medical doctor Huntsville AL, Dr. Eric Beck.

Dr. Eric Beck also serves the following cities: Huntsville AL, Normal AL, Brownsboro AL, Meridianville AL and Madison AL.


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