Giant Reaches Tentative Agreement


Voting is today Nov. 16. 2016

After marathon negotiations, which lasted through the night, we were able to stand strong thanks to your support. In the end, we were able to settle on what we believe is a fair agreement.

Standing together as Safeway and Giant workers, keeping all of our options on the table going into the holidays, and being prepared to do whatever it takes, got us an agreement that, while not perfect, we can be proud of.

We stood together. We successfully prevented takebacks. The proposals we will present are the strongest offers we have seen, and are far better than where we started. We are proud to unanimously recommend food__commercial_workers_local_27_in_baltimore_md_5725005ratification on both agreements.

Once again, thank you for all your support. Every bit of progress we made in negotiations is thanks to your actions in the stores. By sticking together as Giant and Safeway workers, by participating in the actions together, by engaging our customers and our communities, we made it clear to both companies that we would not accept a bad contract. Thank you for all your hard work.


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