Facebook Videos vs YouTube

Facebook-Video-Hand-Pressing-PlayEver notice that there are more Facebook videos shared on Facebook? there are less YouTube videos being shared on Facebook. Facebook has tweaked its News Feed algorithm to favor video. If you have a page with 1 million followers, your photos will reach 14% of those followers, your text-only posts will reach 4%, and your videos will reach 35%. Note though, if you publish a bad video it won’t reach your audience.  The News Feed algorithm cracks down on bad content and rewards good content.

Facebook video, which is relatively young in comparison to YouTube which launched in 2005, is now 20150226185425-youtube-vs-facebookdelivering 4 billion daily viewers. That’s up from 3 billion views every day, which was announced in January 2015. Facebook has had the ability to upload video for a number of years, but didn’t get serious about it until 2014 when it adjusted its algorithms to weight video more heavily.

Now Facebook is carving off a huge slice of YouTube’s audience for itself.

YouTube’s share of the videos posted to Facebook by content creators has been dwindling since May. At the same time, users began directly uploading videos to Facebook at a sharp upward trajectory.

twitter-810x405I noticed this more and more. Having some knowledge of the video sharing market I bet it will be very soon that Twitter will jump on the band wagon You can even now load videos from your phone follow this link for that https://about.twitter.com/videos-on-twitter

Desktop: To tweet a video within twitter.com, users can click the “Media” button and upload either a photo or video. Videos are limited to a 512MB file size and 30 seconds. If the video is longer than 30 seconds, a trimming tool opens to allow people to edit it down to the proper length. Video uploaded via the Web must also be MP4 format. Mobile uploads can also be MOV. More technical details are available here.

One of YouTube’s biggest stars says ad blockers forced YouTube to launch a pay service. YouTube Red exists largely as an effort to counter Adblock, What this means is that YouTubers lose about 40% of their ad income.  but over all YouTube still holds it own place in the market.






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