Bibimbap – Korean Mixed Vegetables and Rice – YouTube

Bibimbap is very popular in Korea, it is a mixed rice dish topped with vegetables, lean meat, and other food items which can be incorporate into a delicious and harmonious meal.hqdefault
Many Koreans believe Bibimbap is based on a similar royal dish from the Middle Ages. It is strikingly similar to royal cuisine prepared in that time, using only the fresh, elaborate ingredients to make a visually appealing meal. Koreans believe this dish also heals the body, give off energy, and helps ward off illness during the winter.
Bibimbap is cheap and easy to make and most ingredients are available in your kitchen. Also this dish can be easily tweaked for different palates and spice levels. When ready to eat, mix all ingredients together with some Korean hot pepper paste (Gochujang Sauce), to taste.


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