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hqdefaultFrom upstate New York Pennsylvania Dutch country to a family with a strong manufacturing and farming background. Serving the Sarasota, Venice, Florida area since 1971 with construction and manufacturing from commercial buildings to custom sailing yachts. I learned a few things along the way and had plenty of failures. Well after 40 years of tomatoes with declining quality and flavor I got on the computer and found some new data.

It was a trial and error with no error this time. The grow bag and Rain gutter or flood pan system is a simple system that exceeds all other methods I ever tried. Even in the harsh Florida summer heat. White mesh cools like nothing else and plants do better with less heat stress. I found it possible to even sprout seeds in July and Aug in mesh bags when that was almost impossible to do previously.  I just so happened to find what I think is the perfect charcoal (bio char) to use for the application. I guess you just get lucky sometimes and this time was it.

I never tried to make a grow bag to sell, others told me I needed to sell them. I just keep growing tomatoes. I tried the boxes and the giant tree tomatoes and the upside down hanger bag they all killed every plant.

I look at it like this, say a plant is going to grow and produce it’s fruit in 100 days. So every day that plant performs at 100% it will make a 100% production. Reduce the percentage of water or take away some points for heat or insect damage and all those days will mean you get less at harvest. Harvest is the most important part, without the bountiful harvest you just wasted 100 days for nothing. We all want our gardens to succeed or we wouldn’t grow them. We get discouraged when they fail. These simple bags made me a believer. There is a way to eliminate a lot of problems and succeed with every plant.

Sure you can get a plastic bag for $4 and it will grow something I’ m sure. I’m also sure my mesh bag will outperform any container because of the root environment it creates. I made these bags for myself and my plants so they wouldn’t get damaged or destroyed. I used the best hardware and materials because that’s what I use in everything I do. That tag on my product means something. It means your getting the best product you can buy, made with pride in the U.S.A.

Sincerely, Bruce B.

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