A Lost Cause? updated

undefined The LiveVideo video sharing site seems to have died a slow death. as I’m writing this the site is down. This is not the first time the site has gone down. in fact the servers were off line last year for months.

On July 23rd 2007 On The Air TV came on line as a new video sharing site.. It has remained online for all that LiveVideotime. also with the advent of Ning there were many little video networks that have come and gone trying to get the old Livevideo users to follow. Then Ning did away with the free service and began to charge for the service, thus narrowing the amount of networks. also there were Ning sites that were paid sites that just did not make it.

A few like The Ark and Vloggerheads still remain. On The Air TV it self moved to Ning.

Yahoo Video closed. This never got a good start, and it’s hard to compete with the big sites like YouTube and Dailymotion.

Livevideo did have a good start.. but the admins allowed the users to trash the site with not only it’s connection with Porn.. and  the drama and bullying..

As time went on at LiveVideo they added the “LIVE SHOWS” at first this was good. LV did a lot to have some good live shows and the staff did a great job putting on some good content.. Later after LV stopped doing in house shows and the users took over the same drama took over that part of the site as well. There were also the, lets say, scum that used the live feature for porn and seeking children.. this just was the last straw for most of the older users.

There exist more reviews of LV  Over all LiveVideo seems to not be the place to do videos and live shows. and most have moved on to a better and safe place to share their media.

As the owner of On The Air TV... I saw this over 5 years ago and did something about it… and now OTA is a Family Friendly place and is still doing very well. As well as a few of the other Ning Networks. where all the old users of LiveVideo have scattered. Seems that what was will never be again. The  feeling of a big community of friends and video-makers has been  banished to be scattered. and although some have tried.. even me… will never come again.


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