Google+ sucks worse then Facebook

google-plus-circlesJust signed up for Google Plus… It’s not user friendly. the circles and hang out feature makes no sense. The wall is cluttered.. and to be honest it looke like Google slapped it together in a hurry. I would think a company like Google would build something better.

As For Facebook, I’ve found it’s becoming boring, and a repeat of things from all over the internet. not like YouTube or “On The Air TV”  where folks do original work. Lets not even talk about Twitter. How can you Follow 100,000 people. you go to follow 10,000 people there in hops they will follow you back, lets get real!!!! it’s all nothing but spam.. and folks are suckered into it..  Tweet This!!!  I say it’s time for a shake up as to how folks use the internet… because the big sites are sucking the life out of peoples time.. it’s great for advertising.. but if folks spend all their time on sites like this it will slow down creativity and only makes room for bad activity that is  breaking up the family unit in the long run


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