Fakebook.. What can I say? It sucks.

Fakebook, that’s what I call Facebook, is the most annoying site I ever joined. If employers need to look at Facebook to decide if they want to hire you and Facebook is vital in todays world for success I’m very disappointed.

Fakebook is nothing but a dumping ground for web trash, junk email, and annoying “jokes”, kitten photo’s etc. After a week or two I’m pretty tired of it. I make maybe two posts a day comment on a few dozen and I’m done. I can’t sift through the mountain of junk most of it I’ve already seen, or some variation of.

People say they have a “friends list” but no such list exists. In order to find a find a friend you have to type their

A 3D plastic representation of the Facebook logo is seen in this illustration in Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina, May 13, 2015. REUTERS/Dado Ruvic

name and search for them. You don’t have a place where you can pick them from a list. I notice most of my few friends post a few hundred times a day or at least dozens, others not at all so I can’t find them unless I type their name and search.

Wal-Mart, Angry birds and games (that will lock up your computer) and web trash, good luck finding anything else including any friends you added. With the tiny amount of posts I make no one would ever notice me anyways.


Also I notice my computer runs slower with a fakebook tab open and will lock up. I think it’s because it’s some kind of Wal-Mart Bot or something running in the background to get information for “marketing”.

I give Fakebook a 3 out of 10 because it just sucks.


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