A night at Baltimore BWI Airport

  • A Friday night at the airport near Baltimore, Maryland. It’s 12:55 am the next morning things are quiet and peaceful. There are not any shops open this late, they all seem to close up shop around 9 and 10 pm .. You can see the cleaning crew vacuuming and buffing the floors running around getting the place all spiffed up for the next days travelers.s this reporter sits and watches the things slowly pass though the night. There does seem to be a very few people milling about with no luggage, most likely here to pick up someone on an early flight. I also see some of the airline staff start to roll in to attend to the first flights going out early in the morning. and buses rolling in [with not many people on it. It’s 1:16 am now and I now see a few folks coming in with some luggage.now at the American Airlines counter the are wiping it down and fixing it up making it look great.. Well I went for a break, got some coffee and took a walkabout to see how the day was progressing, it is now 3:04 am on Saturday. The airport is starting to come to life and folks are coming in and heading to their airline to get ready to check in. people are passing by more often and a young lady with her luggage took a seat about 5 seats down, she is reading a book to pass the time till it’s time to check in on her flight. One of the cool things I saw all night was the airport police on a 2 wheel moped just zipping thought the airport and covering lots of ground at a time. Next to me at thw American Airlines counter the people are lining up now but the staff behind the counter has not gotten in yet. as I’m sitting here watching whats going on the public broadcast system is telling folks to not let their belongings leave their site. and the current Homeland Security threat level. [ it is orange ] Traffic outside the airport is picking up and more buses and taxis are dropping folks off. So for a place that at 1 am was dead the place starts to come to life at a little after Luggage 4 am and the luggage is pouring in along with it’s owerers. the lines are building and the airline staff is just getting in and setting up to process the line of folks ready to get aboard the plane to get where they are going. The airport is starting to get very busy now, Lots of folks with luggage, the Airline staff is checking ib the folks and putting tags on the luggage to be loaded on board the plane. it’s still dark out but with all the buz going you would not know it is 4:16 am OK it’s getting on to be 5 am and it looks like the BWI airport is ready for a busy weekend. and folks will be off to where thay are going.. Gamer Glo On The Air TV News


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